Question For You Guys

Beer Reviews. Do you guys want to see them? Are there too many review blogs already out there? Is there such thing as “too many”? I’m curious to see what you guys have to say about this.

They would be very linear reviews. Appearance, Aroma, Taste, Mouth, and Overall. No scores, no rating, just what I experience. I don’t want to alter your own taste’s. I just want you to decide if this is a beer you’d be interested in buying.

What do you guys think?

2 years ago
  1. drinkipa answered: yes. i think there is room for you. plus i like the sound of your format. no score is bets IMO. Also i’ve been try to keep my posts short
  2. thatfinegentleman answered: Do it. I love seeing/reading reviews from fellow beer aficionados.
  3. colt6615 answered: I thought about that, and your right there are just too many. I just post pics of the good ones instead.
  4. musingsofagrumpychemist answered: Maybe reviews as a side blog? I’d follow that and this, but if I wanted to look up on “that thing I saw” when brewing it’d be easier to find!
  5. svgllmnt answered: I say stick with homebrewing- BUT if you should have something amazing and feel the need to share it, by all means, definitely do.
  6. adrianmarariu answered: I think that each individual experiences beer in their own personal way. It can never be too many beer review blogs. show us what you like !
  7. nomore40oz answered: i think it would bring more dimension to it all. i don’t think i’ll ever do that though because i like people to just watch my experiences
  8. oldpinetree answered: I feel neutral about the beer reviews, but I would love to see more posts about Kombucha!
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