omfgzorz said: I have a fast rack and I love it. It hold 48 bottles and comes with a tray to drain into.

There you go. Sounds awesome. If I didn’t already have a tree, and wasn’t currently trying to eliminate all bottles, I’d get a FastRack myself.

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Wondering if you have ever heard of / used a FastRack? It is for drying empty bottles just like a Bottle Tree. Looking for a comparison between the two products... Thanks!

Personally I have never used a FastRack. I do however own a 90 bottle Tree and I can give you my experience on that.

It takes up a lot of room. It’s top heavy when loaded. Although it drains, the drained water doesn’t necessarily collect anywhere.

Just by looking at the FastRack, it looks like it takes up much less space. It stacks. It actually drains into something besides your flooring. I really like it.

I can’t give you a solid comparison on the two of them because I’ve only used one. But, just from looking at the FastRack I’d say it looks to be the better of the two options.

Of course, don’t use this as a final say. Actually hear what FastRack users think of the product.


Heady Topper




The best IPA in the world, Heady Topper by The Alchemist in Vermont!

I think this is appropriate to post seeing as how I’ve been enjoying my fair share of Heady lately.

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What Cheers! hit it’s first 1,000 view video. It was one of our most expensive videos to date, but well worth it. One of my favorite videos we’ve filmed.
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What Cheers! #038 - Tröegs Nugget Nectar

I figured I’d give you guys an update since it’s been… like 5 months since any sort of real post on here. Well, between working full time, going back to class on my days off, usually going to work events on my other day off, and filming What Cheers! at night I haven’t had any time to brew. My last two batches were minor disappointments so it definitely slowed me down a bit, in addition to having ZERO TIME.

What Cheers! has been an absolute blast to film. We are drinking some of the craziest beers on, or previously on, the market. People are sending us beer they want us to review. I’m acting stupid in front of a camera and having a crazy time doing it. It’s essentially become a second blog. I hope to eventually get a tumblr for What Cheers! so all of you that are interested can follow me there as well, but for now we are just on YouTube… and Facebook… and Twitter.

I leave you with our most recent episode. Easily one of my favorite we’ve filmed yet. I was in rare form. Please subscribe, or like our Facebook if you want more.


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What Cheers! Beer Reviews

Hey guys! Don’t forget I have a YouTube channel where I take a look at some of the best beers out there. I’ve held off on posting all the videos here because I don’t want to blast it to people who aren’t interested. Pretty soon I will a make Tumblr page strictly for the video reviews. In the mean time if you want to follow us you can always subscribe on YouTube, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.


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I Swear THIS is The Last Time!

Everytime it comes around to bottling day I swear to myself that I will start kegging. For real this time… This is the last time I will bottle.

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Am I Tumblr friends with any Untappd users?


Add me so we can love on some beers together.

Alise brings up a good point. How many of you craft beer drinkers are using Untappd.

If you are add me here:

If you aren’t… then sign up already! Untappd is the best way to see what your friends are drinking and badges add a competitive level to the whole thing.

As if you needed another reason to drink…

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qhrumphf replied to your postStuck Fermentation
I’d by no means calls 3711 clean. It’s not as potent as other saison strains, especially if you keep the temps on the lower end, but clean it isn’t. Eating all those sugars however, it will. One of my favorite yeasts. Cheers!

Maybe “clean” was a poor choice in words. I know it will be adding some new flavors to the beer, but it’s really just the sugar-eating vacuum of a yeast strain that I am looking for. It will get the job done and produce a drinkable beer. I’ll fine tune it and fix my mash on batch #2 so that I don’t need 3711.

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Stuck Fermentation

So I mentioned in my last homebrewing update that after 6 months I finally got back into the game. I also mentioned how the first hurdle I had to overcome was remembering how to brew.

…Well apparently I forgot how to brew. The morning after pitching my yeast (SafAle S-04) I noticed that a krausen had formed and my blow-off tube was bubbling away. Normal. What seemed odd though was that the krausen was only about 1/8” thick. I’m not sure I’d even call it a full krausen. I let it chug away for another week before I started to get worried.

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